Today I Have Written And For That I Am Grateful!

Forgive me WordPress for it has been several months since my last blog!

Ahh… the relief. Eye closed, bottomless sigh and the sound of silence in my mind; the only form of meditation that works for me. Sweet son of titan, this is long overdue!

It feels like an eternity since I’ve been able to write something strictly for me.

My new direction as a writer and seeker of all things enlightened has been the most exhilarating and rewarding endeavor of this lifetime. But somehow, somewhere in the awareness of my control over my own future; the complexities of everyday life consumed my existence once again, swiftly imploding my sense of empowerment. The kind of imploding that happens when you ignite red matter into the drilled core of a planet which then swiftly and efficiently sucks an entire race into the oblivion of extinction. (Sounds like great material for another memoir.)

Imagine me; seeker of balance and harmony, allowing the old destructive patterns that I thought I’d worked through to resurface and declare: “Are you sure you’ve got things figured out?”

After a summer of family chaos, caring for the health crises of an aging parent who lives three hours away, a husband who travels too much once again for his job and the challenges of juggling the needs of two busy children while trying to create a new career for myself; the universe has given me a swift kick in the keester to remind me to not take anything for granted. Especially my most treasured coping mechanism of all time… Writing!

It wasn’t until my idea of a “Wellness & Writing Retreat” manifested into reality a few weeks ago, that I was able to see the purpose in a setback and the clarity that adversity brings. The reason I created the Retreat was because I NEEDED IT; a chance to sense the importance of balance in my life once again, and ultimately, the importance that writing has to my sense of balance.

Today I have written. And for that I am grateful! It’s a good day.

Big Hugs to Everyone!

In Gratitude,

Julie xx

For details of the Retreat – Click on this Wellness & Writing Retreat Newsletter Link

Or go to this link:

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Dear Julie… From T1 Dad in Tasmania

Thought I would share one of the many emails I get on a daily basis for my blog this month. I’m blessed to hear from so many other T1 Families around the world:

Subject: Type 1 in Tasmania

Hello Julie

My son has T1, diagnosed about 18 months ago. For some reason, destiny? I have taken on a role as someone looking to find a cure. I have organized a JDRF walk and am researching the disease constantly. Hence how I came upon your site.

I want to take it to the next level however and after reading your story I want to do a similar thing. I live in Tasmania Australia where the incidence of Type 1 is quite high, but it seems as though there is no great urgency to find a cure which really frustrates me. As though people are quite happy to accept the fate of their children’s disease.

Can I ask some questions? Were you working full-time when you started writing your book? I feel like I want to devote my life totally towards finding a cure for my son, but the bills have to also be paid!

I have been thinking about flying to the States to visit Dr Faustman, from your experience do you believe this would help?

Why don’t organizations just pool together and jointly look at ways of finding a cure? Is it about ego and wanting to be the first to find a cure? It took a team of people to get Sir Edmund Hillary to the top of Everest!

There is a conspiracy theory that large drug companies will not want a cure found as their profits will be affected, do you believe this?

That’s probably enough for today, I hope you can help me find a cure for my son.

Kind regards

A T1 Dad from Tasmania


Dear T1 Dad from Tasmania,

Thank you for your email, I love to connect with other T1 parents.

Your questions are very engaging, so I would like to answer this email in greater detail than I would normally. I’d also like to use this for my next blog entry if that’s okay? I will remove any identifying names of course.

Let’s answer some of those questions, shall we:

1.) Were you working full-time when you started writing your book? I feel like I want to devote my life totally towards finding a cure for my son, but the bills have to also be paid!

Prior to my daughter’s diagnosis, six years ago, I ran my own mobile ultrasound business for veterinarians. On our first night in the hospital, I knew without a second thought that I would be giving up my business and focusing my attention on my daughter’s needs – devoting my life totally towards finding a cure – hmmm, sound familiar?

We went through very difficult times financially, which improved slightly when I became a wellness facilitator working from home. However, when I got the idea to write “A Cure for Emma” and create online communities striving for our shared goal, this left little time for seeing clients and its associated income. Fortunately, in my situation, my husband’s earnings have filled in the gaps and we have managed to make things work out, so far. I don’t believe this is a practical road for many, however (not to the extent I have taken it); mostly for financial reasons.

I’ve traveled down this advocacy path based on intuition and unwavering faith as many T1 parents do. I literally get hundreds of emails, every day, which I feel honored to receive. I’ve invested years towards networking, writing, speaking, book signing events… all at my own expense, and although “A Cure for Emma” has been very successful, authors see little of actual book sale profits.

“A Cure for Emma” will not be the financial tipping point to allow Dr. Faustman’s work to move forward. Oh, how I wish it was! But I do believe it will make a significant difference in spreading the word on the work Dr. Faustman is doing! Just receiving your email is evidence of this. Writing is an excellent way to spread awareness within our community, helping to shift the consciousness of this problem and bring forward the cure for our children.

That was the long answer to your question – the short answer would be… Follow your heart to do what you are able to do. We can ALL make a difference on this road to the T1 Cure; any amount of time that can be spared is helpful.

2.) I have been thinking about flying to the States to visit Dr Faustman, from your experience do you believe this would help?

That would definitely be fun, but it’s not necessary. Thankfully, Dr. Faustman has a wait list of volunteers at least ten months long. Our family goes once a year so that my daughter can provide blood samples for their research. We also retain a glimmer of hope that our daughter may be among the few who will be chosen for Phase II of Clinical Trials. However, I don’t believe it truly matters who is chosen for Phase II (which is pretty much a lottery draw.) What matters, is that there IS a Phase II.

So, although it may seem difficult to contribute from the other side of the world, you CAN still help by donating to the Faustman Lab: , and or passing along her information by word of mouth or writing. I don’t believe that a trip to Boston is a must.

3.) Why don’t organizations just pool together and jointly look at ways of finding a cure? Is it about ego and wanting to be the first to find a cure? It took a team of people to get Sir Edmund Hillary to the top of Everest!

Ohhh… I couldn’t agree with you more!! This is the reason I created “Type 1 Diabetes Cure – Global Headquarters”; to begin the process of our researchers sharing information with each other and the T1 community, in one location…baby steps. The Diabetes Research Institute in Miami Florida is also focused on making this happen with T1 Scientists around the world.

I actually have a dream of a T1D Cure GHQ Summit one day, as I have no doubt that reaching the top of THIS particular T1D Mountain, will take everyone working together… The money… The science… and the T1 community!

4.) There is a conspiracy theory that large drug companies will not want a cure found as their profits will be affected, do you believe this?

Is it a conspiracy or just the hard cold reality of business? There unquestionably is more profit in maintaining a disease than curing it.

I have learned a great deal from our researchers on T1D Cure GHQ over the past year. With the connections I have made within this community, I must say that I find it difficult to believe there could be a top-secret mandate for every single person who works in the health care profession to suppress cure breakthrough’s from the world’s population; especially when I know that many people who work in these industries are personally affected by T1 and are truly motivated to find the cure. It’s an issue that is very difficult to comment on. Perhaps a better question could be – how can we ensure that drug companies will promote cure progress?

To this, I would say… We’re doing IT, right now! Egyptian pro-democracy protesters overthrew their dictatorship by embracing Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Twitpic last year. Information is a very powerful and effective tool and is available to everyone.

Accurate, real-time advocacy WILL make a difference. It may take some time and perhaps our very own children will be the ones leading the way within these companies before too long. Until that day… we need to keep doing what we’re doing. Advocating, writing, and sharing.

Thank you for your most appreciated email. I hope this reply is helpful to you and I am grateful to know a fellow T1 warrior… from Tasmania! I truly believe that there is a cure for type 1 diabetes and bringing our community together WILL bring it into our lives!

I look forward to any further questions you may have.

Best Wishes,

Julie Colvin
T1 Mom, Advocate & Author

Video Promo for “A Cure for Emma”:

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Believe in Belief

Manifesting a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes: 12 Month Plan – December

Wow – It’s December. The 12th month of my 2011 twelve month plan! One year ago I made a pledge to myself that I would focus my energy towards bringing my first book, A Cure for Emma, into the world. The goal with writing my story was to help facilitate the cure to Type 1 Diabetes by demonstrating that: “Where thought goes, Energy flows”… “What we think about – We bring about”… AND, “If we build it – They will come!”

As I look back through my blogs, I get goose bumps to see my dream unfold before my very eyes. From a game plan, to reality, I have proven to myself that I DO have control within my life to accomplish whatever tasks I place before me. I CAN influence my future by writing the script of my deepest desires, and, through hard work and steadfast belief I’ve had the great pleasure to watch my dreams come true. A Cure for Emma has made its debut and is quite literally being read, around the world! This is confirmation to me that my efforts are not going unnoticed!

My family has had several trips to Boston to visit Dr. Faustman over the past few years. Each trip we would make our way to Harvard Square and walk right past the Harvard Coop Bookstore in Cambridge, admiring the beauty of this incredible store. I often wondered to myself how amazing it would feel to be the author of a book in this historic establishment!

On December 5th, my Book Tour companions, Emma, Robyn Dewar and I arrived at the Harvard Coop for our last Book Event of 2011. Me… A T1 Mom from a tiny town in northern Ontario, giving a Book Talk at the Harvard Coop… Someone pinch me!

With the glitter of Christmas decorations all around and the aura of belief dripping from every corner of my being – I knew that the same realization will come when T1 is cured. I’ll be standing there with my mouth wide open remembering the times I had visualized what it will be like when T1 is but a chapter in the history books on the shelves of stores like the Coop.

Christmas is the time for believing. Believing in Santa… Believing in miracles… and believing in the universal connections we share with every person on this planet.

I believe that what I think about, I WILL bring about.

I believe I have a magic keyboard and when I type my deepest thoughts, desires and hopes for the future, I am but merely accessing the awesomeness of quantum physics at its finest.

I believe that my journey on the road to miracles has only just begun; AND… I believe in the T1 Cure!

I believe in all of these things because of one thing, and one thing only – because I believe in belief – and all good things come from this place.

Many Blessings to ALL my treasured online friends!! May the Holiday Season bring you abundant joy, treasured quality time with the ones that you love and above all, belief in your deepest wishes coming true!


Julie Colvin xx


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Accepting What Is

Manifesting a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes: 12 Month Plan – November

I sat down earlier this month to begin writing my thoughts on perhaps the largest and most challenging manifestation technique I’ve come across on my quest to create the optimum life for myself and my family… A life that includes the cure to Type 1 Diabetes.

This technique?… The art of “Accepting What Is.”

This most difficult concept is one that I suspect many humble humans (or what I like to call, Muggles) struggle with on a daily basis, and one that certainly hits home when it comes to living with the daily uncertainties of T1.

Resistance to what’s currently before us at any given moment is believed by many spiritual teachers to only strengthen an unwanted situation. To quote Carl Yung ~ “What you resist persists.”

Great – So how does this apply to a devoted T1 Cure Advocate such as myself. Does the act of writing about the need for a cure to Type 1 Diabetes only show my inability to accept what is? Even if I’m constantly approaching this goal with a positive view – could it still be a form of resistance?

Just as I was about to have this debate with myself and navigate through some ideas on a meaningful blog – my computer began to beep and burp at me. Box after box of virus warnings began flashing across the screen – files were crashing and before I could click on my virus cleaning software to stop this all-consuming horrific assault on my computer – my files were no longer visible and the most important tools of my advocacy life: Facebook, Blog, Emails and Writing… Were Gone!

Gone… Gone… Gone……

I looked up into the air, into the outer zone of spirit helpers who I know are always with me, through all the good times, AND THE BAD… and articulately declared;

“You’ve got to be F#*#ing Kidding Me!!!”

Yes that’s right – ME – Polly Positive, dropped an F-Bomb. A resonantly clear, gratifyingly defined, F-Bomb!

I knew without a doubt that this was an instant lesson for me – it was as clear as the nose on my face. If I was going to write about accepting what is, I’d better be prepared to walk my talk.

The room felt oddly quiet as I sat there, wondering if I’d woken anyone up with my late night outburst. Then I looked at the seriously crippled extension of my consciousness; closed the lid and crawled into bed repeating to myself that this was okay… it’s going to be okay. I can pass this test and show myself that I know how to accept what is despite the fact that I’d been sooo busy the past couple of months that I hadn’t actually backed up my files since August. Or that I was heading out on my Book Tour in the morning, and didn’t have the names and addresses printed of the places I was going, or their phone numbers… It was the next thing on my To Do list that night, after starting my blog ideas for November.

Media correspondence, Images of lost pictures and videos of my children scrolled through my mind, the list was endless as I lay there with my eyes wide open and my teeth tightly clenched. The feelings of a vise clamping down around my chest preceded the sting of salty moisture welling up in my eyes – a quick reminder to me that I was, without a doubt, a Muggle. Unquestionably, I still have many levels to go before achieving my magical black-belt in enlightenment!

Even though I’d learned many principles on how the universe works, I still couldn’t suppress my disappointment with the burdens that this pothole in the road would provide for me. And so herein lays the conundrum. The learning to accept what is part of life. Does accepting what is mean giving in and giving up on your dreams?

“That’s it I can’t go on my book tour, I’m calling it quits.”…

Or does it mean that I should try my best to be at peace with the situation and still move forward, finding solutions to problems as I go along?

Over the next week I chose to do my best with the situation I’d been given. There really was no choice. It felt oddly familiar, like when our family adapted to living with type 1 diabetes – an enormous shift in our lives, but we did it. And just like our experience over time with T1, I started to see that this huge burden actually had a hidden blessing in it; a blessing that showed me that I had been out of balance between work and family. I was far too shackled to my laptop. It helped me realign my priorities once again.

When I returned from my Book Tour, I sent my Toshiba to Computer ICU for three days of intensive treatments with a sense of peace in my heart that, whatever happened when it came back to me, I would be okay with what is… I could handle it.

With that same thought I realized that I was also at peace with diabetes… Our family could handle it. Better yet, we do more than just handle it; we persevere and triumph all the time because of it!

Perhaps this is one of the tricks to acceptance? I sure do hope so. I’ve become so much more than I’d ever imagined because of my role as a T1 mom… more available to my children, to my creativity as a writer and to the T1 community as an advocate.  I’ve followed through on my promise to be the broker of positivity, even though I know I’ll continue to have moments of challenge, as all humans will, and maybe even curse on occasion!

Inevitably, I know I will accept what is when challenges arise and hopefully this process becomes faster and easier for me as I evolve as an aspiring-enlightened-being.

My laptop is all better and the files were saved and obviously I’m back doing what I’ve committed myself to doing – manifesting a cure for T1 – but with more vigilance for the need to keep balance in my life and acceptance to the many challenges our family will continue to face until the cure is here.

I hope to always learn and grow as I navigate towards more acceptance of this whole acceptance thing. And that’s okay with me, because I am where I am in this process… and I accept that.

Until next month… May we all do our best to accept more and resist less!

In Gratitude,

Julie Colvin

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Harness Your Fear

Manifesting a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes: 12 Month Plan – October

To Fear or Not to Fear… Should that be the Question?

“Nothing gets our hearts racing like a little harmless terror—so why not harness what frightens you to make your life richer?” ~ Martha Beck

Life can be filled with many challenges and obstacles from the time we are born, and let’s be honest here—many fears.

Fear can be a crippling emotion, paralyzing us from taking action and dominating our thoughts, causing us to live a life below our potential. Is it possible to face our fear; to use it to reach further; to do better?

In general terms, fear is often seen as a bad thing, a feeling to avoid at all costs; but what if our belief in what we want is stronger than our fear? Perhaps a healthy dose of fear could be harnessed to thrust ourselves into our truest potential?

I remember when I was about six years old, I was afraid to ride my bike for the first time without training wheels. The fear of falling was a valid and important trepidation, one that kept me vigilant and careful as I proceeded forward with what seemed like my death-defying new pastime. With determination and patience, this fear was quickly replaced with the exhilaration of wind blowing through my hair and my world suddenly became larger, and more amazing. My goal was obviously more important than my fear.

What a joy it was to have faced that daunting challenge before me at such a young age, and learn that I could push through my fear with cautious enthusiasm by pedaling my way to the other side—to victory.

Challenging myself to try something new, despite having to face one of my greatest fears will be my focus for this month.

Over the past year, in the privacy and security of my tranquil home office, I have picked away at my goal to raise awareness to facilitate the cure for type 1 diabetes by writing a book – “A Cure for Emma”. Finally my book is available for sale and now it’s time to tell the world about it. Yes, that’s right, Public Speaking!

Dry throat, butterflies the size of ostriches, sudden loss of brain function, and a pulse that matches the flaps of hummingbird wings. Oh the joys of putting myself into the spotlight – like sharing my memoir wasn’t enough! But this is part of the process of being a writer (a part of the process I gave little thought to, until now.)

So what should I do on this quest of mine to manifest a cure for T1. Back down at this point and allow the fear of public speaking to paralyze me, stop me dead in my tracks? Or should I look to one of the bravest people I know for encouragement? A person who perseveres with a love for life and a determination to achieve anything while tackling the daily uncertainties of living with type 1 diabetes; a person with strength that only T1 children can possess; a person who has touched my life since the day she was born… My daughter… Emma.

This month I have challenged myself to be as brave as my daughter. I will embrace the opportunities to pull myself out of seclusion in my quiet, peaceful abode and step up my game to the public arena. I will treasure the dry mouth and knocking knees and opportunities to do things I have never done before, as I know they are the next step on my path to my goals. If my daughter can persevere through the painful pricks of needles and lancets everyday, promoting my book should be a mere walk in the park in comparison.

A week ago I had the great fortune to attend a perfectly timed public speaking workshop in Ottawa held by Steve Lowell. With the guidance of a professional speaker and the love and support of the fellow participants, I faced my fears of public speaking, head on. In fact, just two days later I completed two radio interviews (one LIVE!), and survived! Not only did I survive, but I’m ready for more!

What type of challenge stands between you and your goals? Perhaps it’s time to face any fears standing in the way and step up the manifestation game another notch. Let’s take that extra step towards our dreams and pedal our way to the other side of fear… To achievement!

Until next month, consider this: “A brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” ~ Nelson Mandela

In Gratitude,

Julie Colvin

To check out those interviews – please click here:

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Manifesting a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes: 12 Month Plan – September

September is probably the busiest month of the year for me. In fact, it’s September 30th and I’m just now sitting down to get my monthly blog out.

Shifting from the slower more relaxed pace of summer, to the endless activities that follow our children when school starts; the fall is a flurry of readjusting schedules and getting back to the business of, well, business.

That business for me has been the release of the biggest manifestation project of my life… my book – “A Cure for Emma”. (Be careful what you wish for, because wishes really do come true!)

Preparing for book signings and interviews on top of an already crammed schedule has been exhausting to put it mildly. So for September, the biggest advice I can provide to myself is… remember to breathe!

Yes – Breathe.

It’s that simple. And yet, it’s one of the most important things anyone can do when life gets too busy. Taking ten minutes out of a hectic day to focus on how I’m breathing can make a huge difference in the amount of stress I allow into my life. Slow, deep, cleansing breaths always help to align me and keep me grounded when my manifesting works faster than I do!


Well – I sure wish I’d taken this advice on September 1st – Better late than never!

Until next month (which is actually tomorrow)… Slow things down a bit to smell those roses, and please don’t forget to Breathe.

In Gratitude,

Julie Colvin

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Believe in Your Creativity


Manifesting a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes: 12 Month Plan – August

Albert Einstein once said that imagination is more important than knowledge itself. I wholeheartedly agree. Tapping into your inner muse is essentially the same as picking up the phone and dialing G.O.D… Creativity is a direct link to the energy of the universe and the connections we all share.

What better way for me to contribute to my passion and purpose in life, than to dig down into the deeply buried treasure of my creative soul, pushing myself to the limits of my own beliefs.

Am I good enough? Can I make a difference? Can I do this?

Well it’s too late to second guess myself now. After two years of commitment, countless tear filled tissues, endless late night writing sessions, and exhausting edits; I’m both excited and nervous to announce the completion of the most important creative project of my life – my first book – A Cure for Emma.

Believing in your own creativity is manifestation excellence. There is nothing more powerful when reaching for the stars than accessing the strength of your heart; a strength unmatched by any other.

This month’s blog is brief so I may show you the following video, which has more great news to let out of the bag! Please click on the link below to find out what that is!

Click here to see Video Promo with Special Announcement

May your August be filled with creative passion and steadfast belief in achieving all your goals, no matter what they may be!

In Gratitude,

Julie Colvin

Click here to Buy your copy of A Cure for Emma today!

If you would like to have your local bookstore carry A Cure for Emma, please feel free to personally ask them to order it in. Most book retailers will have access to inventory through Ingram distribution.

For International distribution please send query to –

Becoming available in book stores and providing signed copies will take some time over the next couple of months. I’d like to encourage my facebook friends to request book signing events within your favorite bookstores. I think this would be an exciting way to get to meet you!

Help me to facilitate the cure for type 1 diabetes!

Buy your copy of A Cure for Emma today.

Dr. Faustman, Emma & Julie Colvin


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